Alagbada ina


Hello everyone, 

Reading the topic.. most of us would not understand what that means. I choose that as my topic because that is the title of the song that has been on re play in my head after I heard it. 

The song is a gospel song in Yoruba and English. I happen to be of Yoruba origin. 

The words are “alagbada ina! ”

“The one who clothes with fire, your voice sounds like thunder”

“We magnify your name”

“Alagabada ina… etc, 

Alagbada – means clothed. There is a piece of clothing Yoruba men wear called “Agbada” it is big, embroidered and made or worn to show affluence. 

Agbadas are never fitted.. the fabric is always excessive and flows. 
“Ina ” means fire. The two words”Alagbada Ina ” means clothed (flowing )in fire. 

This was sung by Nathaniel Bassey featuring Victoria Orenze

That is the God I serve. I am a Christian. 


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