The experience 

Hello everyone, 

How have we been? I have been away for, some time or a long time I guess… and I am excited if tomorrow because I get to take a break from school go out. I forgot to say but my birthday was two weeks ago and I became well older. Thank God.

Now back to our topic,  for today i am going to tell you about my operating room drama today. It was epic. There was the rude and problematic student, angry doctors, the unserious ones, the amazing consultants, nice doctors too, the patient nurses and the patients we use to learn. 

My day started by waking up early but in pain.. cleaning out my room since there was no early morning class and we agreed to meet 10am. Going late to the theatre. 

I got into the theatre and hid behind my class mate not to get noticed. We were taught about the ongoing procedure by our consultant and the joke came. Well…. let me leave that out. Later we were asked what we were taught about fifteen minutes ago and we  were all blank like…. lol… Thank God he didn’t get angry. Well we were retaught and yabbed the medical way. 

We (the students )left the theatre to rest our crying legs only to return and be sent out by one of the angry doctors we returned until four times and an order from the second consultant before we were allowed in…. hmmm…. 

The the main drama of the day came.. the rude student! Wow I don’t know how to explain the experience but I hope the student doesn’t contiue that way. 

Finally the unserious ones kept us in trouble  by not clerking their patients and now we have extra call and can’t have today as our final day. My outing would be cut short and I have more to read. 

If you didn’t enjoy this sorry but this was my day and I had to share. 


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