High systolic pressure, 

high diastolic pressure, 

I got to know in the hospital, 

I got to know in the clinic, 

I got to know at a free medical check up, 

I thought it was a lie, 

I thought it was for just that time, 

The time I thought longer and deeply 

I thought it would go like any other disease, 

The doctor said it would last forever till I die, 

But I believed in prayers and my pastor, 

I kept on drinking like before, 

I kept eating spicy meals with lots of salt, 

I still remained overweight, 

I only took my drugs when I checked my blood pressure and it was high, 

I avoided the hospital like a plague, 

Then one night I noticed I got tired easily, 

Gradually I could not lie flat on my back, 

Soon I had to sleep with two then three then four pillows, 

Soon I had to wake up at night to catch breaths, 

I woke up sweating at night, 

I looked like a nightmare, 

But it was real, 

I had congestive cardiac failure, 

My heart could not cope, 

Because I believed it would go and did not take my drugs daily and adequately, 

I also did not go for check up. 

Congestive cardiac failure caused by hypertension is one of the leading causes of death in Africa

Get checked today!! 

Take your drugs regularly. 


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