Good morning world, 

*God knows why I used that* My post today is about beginnings. Today is the beginning of a fitness journey in my life. *if you are clapping am bowing as a response😛*. Please dont get it wrong; I am not fat neither do I have any body goals. All I want is to be healthy till I grow old. 

This brings us to the end of the year and the new years resolutions. They are all wishes now and from next year we would start striving to make them realities. All goals or wishes or resolutions made should have a motivation if not it is most likely to fail or you just do not want to end the journey you started. 

As I choose great health as my motivation to fitness also choose people like a family member, a future possible job to take that course, Spanish classes to impresses her. All this things are possible with motivation. 

#stayhealthy, #staymotivated


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